May 2021

The Economist has a nice review of India Becoming in this week’s issue. “Mr Kapur wrote some excellent ‘letters’ from India for the New York Times,” the reviewer writes. “His new book is similarly readable, acutely observed and crammed with well-drawn characters.” The review talks about India’s ongoing debate over the price of progress. “That debate is healthy,” the […]

David Pilling of The Financial Times has written a very nice–and thoughtful–review of India Becoming. “There are many virtues of Akash Kapur’s beautifully sketched portrait of modern India,” he writes. “The greatest of them is ambivalence. Kapur is ambivalent about the trade-offs between the disappearing certainties of India’s countryside and the roller-coaster possibilities of its cities. He is […]

  Nice essay on India Becoming in Der Spiegel. The author of the piece, Hasnain Kazim, is the South Asia correspondent for Der Spiegel, and a thought-provoking writer. I highly recommend some of his work. See, for example, this piece on immigration in Germany. For non-German readers (and that includes me), you can translate the article on India Becoming by opening it in […]

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