An Indian Says Farewell to Poverty, With Jitters

An Indian Says Farewell to Poverty, With Jitters

A version of my first column from the International Herald Tribune was reprinted in this week’s New York Times.


People sometimes ask me how I feel about India’s economic development. I tell them the truth. I say I don’t know. I say I feel ambivalent about the passing of a world I knew as a child, a transition that I know is inevitable and probably even desirable. But I haven’t reconciled myself to it yet.

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  • Nadine B. Hack

    To Akash Kapur: After reading your article "Farewell to Poverty, with Jitters" carried in today's New York Times, I just posted an entry on http:/ encouraging others to check it out and to comment on the ups and downs of sustainable development. I would very much welcome a comment from you on my blog. - Nadine B. Hack, President, beCause Global Consulting

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